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Hair Productions, An Aveda Concept Salon
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Thank you for your interest in our salon. Not only are our stylists among the best in the business, but we also strive for 100% client satisfaction. In all services that we provide, our people have the experience and training to make you look your very best. To make an appointment to see one of our professionals today, simply drop by our salon or call and speak to a salon representative.

We are an Aveda Concept Salon, and carry an entire line of Aveda products ranging from haircare to footcare.  The importance of caring for your hair outside of the salon is obvious.  Without the proper shampoos, conditioners, and styling products, your hair will not look it's best between visits.

We also carry a targeted collection of skin and hair rejuvenating products for home use.  After a visit to our salon, you can prolong the effects of your experience by using the proper combination of Aveda Skincare and Extra Treatment.

To learn more about the great products that we offer, please visit AVEDA®'s website by clicking here.


Current Price

  • Affirm Relaxers
  • starts @ $95

       Color with Blow Dry and Style

    Current Price

  • Color Corrections
  • starts @ $175.00

  • Color Touch-up
  • $75.00

  • Full Foil Highlights
  • starts at $135.00

  • Highlights 'Cap'
  • Starting at $80.00

  • Partial Foils
  • $3.00 per foil

  • Virgin Color
  • $80.00

    We do professional coloring and highlighting. You can rest assured that the coloring process will be the most gentle and accurate for your hair type. You may also get your hair cut at a substantial savings when purchased with your coloring or highlights.
       Color/ Foil/ Haircut Style

    Current Price

  • Color/ 10 Foils & Haircut
  • starts @ $135.00

  • Color/ 15 Foils & Haircut
  • starts @ $150.00

  • Color/ 20 Foils & Haircut
  • starts @ $165.00

  • Color/ 25 Foils & Haircut
  • starts @ $180.00

  • Color/ 30 Foils & Haircut
  • starts @ $ 195.00

  • Color/ 35 Foils & Haircut
  • starts @ $210.00

  • Color/ 40 Foils & Haircut
  • starts @ $ 225.00

    Aveda Color is 98% pure-plant color that is very conditioning for the hair and leaves the hair with great shine
       Hair Cuts

    Current Price

  • Children's Hair Cut (10 & Under)
  • $20.00

  • Men's Hair Cut
  • $30.00

  • Teen Hair Cuts
  • $25 $35 $45

  • Women's Hair Cut and Style
  • $38.00 - $65.00

    Hair cuts start at $20.00 for children, $30.00 for men and $38.00 for women. A woman's cut will vary in price according to type of cut/style desired and the current shape it is in.
       Perms with Blow Dry and Style

    Current Price

  • Short to Medium Length
  • starts @ $85.00

  • Spiral Perms
  • starts @ $150

    When you have your hair permed, you can also get your hair cut at a substantial savings when purchased together.
       Smoothing Treatments

    Current Price

  • Smoothing Treatments and Hair Spa Treatments
  • $190

    Dry or damaged hair? You can schedule a smoothing treatment to revitalize tired hair.

    Current Price

  • Creative Updo Style
  • Start at $55.00

  • Shampoo, Blow Dry & Style
  • $32.00

  • Wedding Updo with Practice
  • $130.00

    Have your hair professionally styled by one of our experts for any occasion.